Zooming Walkers and Wheelchairs!

August 20, 2008

Danni's had a string of good days. Her head looks great and is healing wonderfully. The incision on her belly is healing slowly too. (From where the tube from the shunt enters the abdomen)

Yesterday she had a physical therapist and with her new walker and ramp she took a stroll. From one end of the house to the other, out into the garage and down the ramp she went. The therapist asked if she wanted to rest before she took the trip back up the ramp and to her room but she said, "Naw" and away she went.

She made it safely to her room and sat down to rest on her bed. What an improvement from last week and even the week before. I thank God for that.

When her brother got home from school he had to try out the ramp with wheely the wheelchair, too. Danni says that her brother and sister use the chair more than she does, she also told her brother that he better do his thing on the ramp before mom gets home or he'll get into trouble. I had gone out to an appointment and her grandma was here with them.

I no sooner got home and was visiting with Danni and her grandma than Atlee was half way out the door with the chair headed down the ramp....kids! You got it right, he was busted and I put an end to that! I know, I know, what a mean mom! But, you must consider that fact, as I did, that Atlee is all boy! You know what I'm talking about mothers?

Anyways, things are well and everyone is still intact so I guess I saved the world another day! ;}

I read a verse this morning that spoke to the "How does she handle all she's going through?" question people have asked me. Habakkuk 3:19 says The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights. How very, very true! He lifts me up and sustains me all glory to HIS Name!


Anonymous said...

I pray that only more GOOD days will be on the horizon for the each of you! Love and Prayers -- Amen!

jj said...

Let the boy play!! Don't you remember when we rode all over the neighborhood in Dad's wheelchair (from his foot operation)?

Jaime said...

You big meanie!! Tell Atlee to come to my house and he can do what he wants. At least I won't lose him!! HA HA

Anonymous said...

I agree with J.J. and Jaime!!!!
Praise God Danni is getting her strength back! Lisa