Praise God He Showed Us the Way...

August 27, 2008

Radiation and Chemotherepy aren't even an option at this point, for some reason God is keeping her from that part of her treatment. That's the good least we have a definite answer to those questions.

Today when we went to the first doctor he said that we needed to get the incision (belly) taken care of right away and he sent us immediately to a surgeon across town at another hospital. When that doctor saw the incision he called the first doctor and they admitted her at once.

The bad news is that the incision in her belly that is leaking means that the outside germs have made thier way inside and the incision will need to be revised that is in her abdomen. There's more bad news...

The shunt may have to be replaced as well. They are concerned that the infection is in the shunt too. They will reroute the shunt tube out of her abdomen to the outside for time being. I'm not sure when this will take place, probably not today but as soon as possible.

This is quite a blow as we were not expecting this to happen, however, we had left things in God's hands so we will accept what we've been given.

Danni's first words after the first doctor left the room were, "I have to have surgery? Today? Well, we'll just have to trust God." Remarkable. Then she asked me what day it was and she was dissapointed to find out that it wasn't Monday because Monday is macaroni and cheese day at the hospital. She cracks me up!

Anyways, doctor number two sent us back across town to the main hospital and we were admitted after a quick stop for something to eat. (for mom) We didn't know whether or not she should eat or when I would get a chance to eat so that was what we did.

She is currently in a room awaiting an IV, various blood tests and 2 quarts of yucky stuff to drink for a CAT scan. They want to do a thourough check of her belly to make sure that there aren't other things going on, whatever that means. Here we go again, but God is with us, we will NOT be afraid!!!!!

As always, I will update the blog as we have info. Thanks for all the prayers, they are keeping us afloat!!


Janet Stone said...

Christi ~ we will certainly continue to pray for all of you. I'm so sorry she is having to endure so much....and you too. She is such a fighter and her attitude encourages me and I'm sure tons of other people too. THANK YOU for keeping all of us posted. I'm so glad you both have your faith and a relationship with Christ to sustain you through these valleys. I pray that God Himself reaches down and holds you all in His hands during this time. We're here if anything is needed.
Love, Janet

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being said for you all in Montana, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Oregon, Washington and California.

Jeff said...

God Bless You Christi!
You and Danni continue to amaze us daily. Your LOVE and TRUST in GOD is a true spiritual message to each of us every single day. Even though you are not actually part of our family we could not love you more. We felt we were blessed at the time that Danni, Jessi, and Atlee became part of our lives. Since this nightmare began in February we have come to know and love you and Matt. We have you all in our prayers daily and are here to help in any way we can
Love Jeff and Barb

Chaplain Sam said...

Oh boy, things are happening so quickly! Seems like God is moving things right along. Personally, I'd rather have it that way than have a lot of time waiting for something to happen.

Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated so our prayers for you can be specific.

God bless you!