Nothin' Much to Say

August 17, 2008

Danni is holding her own. It's kindof a lazy day today, not much going on here. It's good to have those days every now and again. Tomorrow we're having a ramp put in the garage so that Danni and I can go if we want to, we'll have to take our new friend "wheely" for ice cream now.

We have a sad task later today, we have to go to a viewing of a young man who was full of life. He was going to go to college in two weeks and now he's in heaven. Please pray for our friends the Beckers this is the second son they have lost in a little over a year. Both deaths were accidents and very unexpected.

A memorial has been set up for him at called the Will Becker Memorial by a friend of his from high school. He was a good kid with a bright future. He will be missed.


stephanie said...

danni this is stephanie moon i dont know if you remember me but i just wanted to let you know i think about you often and try to give you a little advise i know that you probably here that alot but here it goes try new things and to keep your chin you and smile and laugh that is the best thing for me at least i hope you get feeling better and to keep us updated stephanie moon

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with the Beckers as well as you and your family. Always...

Anonymous said...


God is always faithful! In Psalms it tells us his love is constant. You all are in my prayers. God Bless everyone.

Brenda Hubler