Rough Day But She Made It!!

August 5, 2008

Danni is doing well, she's back to her old self! Yea! We were concerned about her yesterday, thanks for all your prayers! The MRI confirmed that Danni had bleeding on her brain but the doctor wasn't too concerned about that. He said it would go away.

He is still planning to put the shunt in on Wednesday as long as the pneumonia is cleared up. This morning when I went in to see her, she's in intensive care, she asked what had happened yesterday, she couldn't remember much at all, she wondered why she was in the hospital.

I thank God that he took care of her and her pain. He also took control of her memory so she didn't have to relive such a terrible day. I thank him and praise him for that and my faith in his ablility and love grows.

They will continue to watch her the next few days and hopefully the pneumonia will clear itself quickly. Thank you Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Continue O Lord to clear Danni's lungs & remove this obstacle from her complete recovery & healing.

Thank You Jesus for watching over her!

Anonymous said...

Thank God, she is doing better i was worried when i got up this morning i immediately went to the computer to check and see how she was doing. the lord sure is watching over her, i will keep her in my prayers , i ask the lord for a succesful surgery tomorrow and take her pain away,

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord! As I keep saying -- I know HE is with us all night and day! He is ALL we need. My prayers always with you and yours!