Stronger Every Day

August 16, 2008

Little by little she gains her strength. She has two different therapists working with her and an aide to help her get cleaned up twice a week. She also has a nurse that looks in on twice a week for now.

Her pneumonia seems better. We don't know about radiation until August 27th when we go back to the doctor to have her staples removed. I'm still not sure where we are with this thing and I'm not sure I need to know. I was encouraged when the doctor offered me home health care for Danni and not hospice which is for the dying.

I would like to thank those of you who continue to pray for us. It is the prayers of all of you that help to sustain us from day to day. God makes us come to your mind and you pray. The power of prayer is incredible and without it I doubt we would be doing so well. Keep it up and keep believing that God hears your prayers because I can testify that he is answering them!


Anonymous said...

AMEN! All prayers are always hear!
Praise the Lord!

joan (friend of Jaime) said...

Danni and Family

You are in our prayers and concerns in our Church Family. (Marion Mennonite) You are thought of often.

Thoughts, prayers and love are with you Danni, and your family.

joan bontrager