Poker Run Benefit for Danni

A local bar held a poker run benefit for Danni, her dad is in the lead with Danni's stepmom and her grandma and grandpa are on the yellow bike. Seeing them all ride past our house made me smile big and later made me cry.

I love how God brings people together. It was a beautiful thing to witness. They waved and some blew her kisses. What a wonderful group of people!

I want to add also that this isn't the first fundraiser the bar has done for her they have gone out of their way to do several. They are an over and above! May God bless them.

I've also posted the video on for the whole world to see their kindness and love!


jj said...

AAAWWWWW! Isn't Topeka great? And, thanks for showing Dan in the video.

Anonymous said...

Our Love and Prayers goes out to you all! Its great living in such a wonderful place as we do...with such loving and caring people and GODS love is everywhere! Bless each and everyone!

mudd said...

I am Mudd. I just wanted to THANK YOU for meeting me today. What a wonderful blessing you are. You are a great woman. When I talked to you I told you miracles happen everyday stay as strong as you can. God has a will for you and boy have you brought people together. What a cool thing to see people that don't know each other working together. As for me, it was a great thing to see. I was so happy to finally meet you. God is in control and he will take care of anything that comes our way. God bless you and your family and from me and everyone at Mudds you are in our thoughts and prayers and if you ever need anything. We will try to do whatever you need. Thanks again for taking time out for us to meet you. xo

mudd said...

Oh, and I sure hope you like your chair? I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Check into Mannitech it good. check out this article.

Anonymous said...

Thats so neat!!! :) We live in such an awesome town dont we? I have been praying for ya every night Danni, and your family too!
-Tory Bailey