March 14, 2008, Third Radiation and Rest for the Weekend

Danni is still doing well with radiation. It takes about ten minutes for her to have the treatment and she has a great attitude. I'm very blessed with the way she is accepting things and being a good patient. Please continue to pray that the swelling in her face goes down and that there will be no bad effects from radiation.

We will know more on Monday as to whether or not she can start her chemo treatments. Pray that her blood count comes up. Thanks again.

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Anonymous said...

Hello~ We are complete strangers. I have learned of your struggle through a friend in my bible study who knows a friend of your family. That said, I've been so inspired by your unwavering faith in our Heavenly Father. I have had you and your family on my mind so much since I've heard of your story. I often think about my prayer for my 1-year old son - that he be used of God to lead others to His kingdom. That can be such a scary request. You all are living it. I pray that God gives you all peace, that he grants healing, and that he allows your situation, your strength, your faith, and your brokenness to lead others to Him. In my prayers, Stacey.