March 26, 2008, Change of Heart

This morning the doctor came to see Danni. He seemed to have changed his mind about the major surgery. He said he had looked at her blood work and she doesn't seem sick. He said that there might be something else that we could do.

He wants to just clean out the the wound on the side of her head and keep pumping the antibiotics. He will close the wound and drain th fluid with a needle every day in effort to get it to heal.

If the bone is infected the wound won't heal so we will watch her throughout the weekend in the hospital and we should know if its working by the weekend. The doctor was concerned that the other surgery would put her too far behind in her radiation treatments. Getting her back to them seems to be first and foremost in his mind.

It's a long shot but with God all things are possible.

Father, we all agree in the fullness of Jesus name that this infection will die! We also agree that healthy tissue will overcome diseased tissue and we ask for total health and healing for Danni! Amen.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news!!! I am praying in agreement with you Christy!!!!


Cortney Harris said...

i think about you every day danni. :)

Lori Bieber said...


God is touching her with his healing hands.

Lori Bieber

Cari said...


I am Cari. I was in Danni's class in school.

I have been keeping up with Danni's blog every week. I just wanted to let you know that i am praying for Danni every day and that i've been thinking about her a lot. I hope all is well and if you could tell her that i've been thinking about her and care about her a lot i would really appreciate it.

Love and Prayers!

Carrie said...

To the mother of Danni,,,,god be with yOU at this time of need,. My heart is breaking im reading this and my eyes are feel with tears, im crying so hard i got to stop i can't see. i got 4 kids and i was thinking about them when i was reading these ..LORD please hear me im praying for danni at this time please make this go away and let her wakeup,,And these be all over in gods name amen. From Carrie Renaud in Erie,Pa

Anonymous said...

I've been traveling so haven't been able to keep up with the blog like usual. Please know that each and every day I pray for all of you though and every day I am thankful for my daily life as bad as it may seem at times, I now realize it could be worse. May God be with you and keep you always.

Anonymous said...

Dan Dan you are in my prayers every day. Pandy and I miss you so0o0o0 much ... but we love you even more. Your so beautiful and the best roommate ever.!!