Praises Along the Way- The chemo pill race!

February 28 - 29, 2008 I knew I would have to fill this prescription soon but I held off on it as long as I could. I called here and there to find a pharmacy that would take Danni's insurance card. It's a very expensive drug.

"God, you know what we need, HELP," I prayed under my breath as I listened to the elevator music on the other end of the line. The representative from the insurance company came back on the phone several times. "No, no places in Ft Wayne," she said.

“HELP, HELP, HELP!” I prayed again. "Okay, how about South Bend?" I replied. "Oh, yes there are a lot of places in South Bend!" she said. "Great, how about Elkhart or Goshen?" I shot back trying to get as close to home as I could. "Meijer in Goshen?" she asked. "That would be fine," I said. She would try to get the pills there. She came back and said, "No, can't get them there."

“HELP, HELP, HELP, Lord, please make a way,” I thought. Finally, she came back, “We can get them at a Kroger store in Goshen.”

The next day, her grandmother came to get her information to go get the drugs and my mom decided to go with her. What a God-send that would be, as Grandma One didn't have a phone but Grandma Two did!

My mom called from the store and said, "The pharmacist can't get it to go through." My heart sank. Our only alternative would have been to get the drugs by mail and who knew if we'd get them on time. Cool as a cucumber, Grandma Two (my mom) said, "Call the insurance company and see if they can do something." I was ready to give up. I think fighting for things like this wears me out more than anything!

I called the insurance company and the lady was very helpful. She took over for me and figured out what we had to do. I was very grateful to her and the favor that God had given me with the company up till now. God going before me, why do I doubt?! Ever just want to kick yourself? Anyway, I called Mom back and within minutes they had the drug in their possession. And that's not all! Danni's co-pay was only $60 and the entire bill for the drug was $4200. The insurance company had picked up the rest!

Thank God for his provision for her! Don't ever doubt that God will provide for you no matter what the circumstances. Often, they are just a mist or a distraction to take your eyes off of the ONE who is JEHOVAH JIRAH (Hebrew name of God meaning the Lord will provide or Our Provider).

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Lori said...

Kristi, you don't know me. I am Tami Smith's cousin in Florida. She sent me your website about your daughter. Your entire family is in my prayers. Your comments bring back some hard memories for my family of Oct. 1, 2005 when my father in law was going threw the same exact thing. The swelling and double vision after surgery. Headaches also, on top of all that chemo and radiation.

God brings people in our lives for one reason or another. I feel he brought you into mine if only threw my cousin Tami. My father in law's personality has changed over the two years he has been fighting his brain tumor cancer and some days we visit with him it gets hard to our hearts cause we remember the man he was before all this. Then I have to remind myself that God kept him around to watch his first grandchild my daughter graduate and soon his second my son.

You have a beautiful daughter, and I have told my father in law (Danny) about your daughter Danni.
God Bless you and your daughter as you both start this next journey. He will beside you to guide you and keep you.