March 29, 2008, Much Better!

Today Danni is doing much better. Her sugar is being controlled and the fluid coming from her head is clearing.

She had a Pic line put into her vein today because the antibiotic she is getting is hard on little veins. The pic line is a catheter that goes through the vein and into her heart. That was a little tough going but we made it! It will go home with her so that we can give her the antibiotics she will need for the next five or so weeks.

I'll do my best to keep everyone up to date. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad to hear that you are doing better Danni! Keep fighting. My prays are with you.

-Steph Walters

jj said...

Hang in there! This illness is like life in general - one big obstacle after another (someone said that to me once about life and I thought it was rather negative, but it's true). All that to say, I am SO glad you have hope in Jesus and a strength that comes only from God. Danni, you have always been an exceptional person. You were the FUNNIEST little kid. I used to love hanging out at your house, just to laugh at your cuteness and charm (um, and, well, also to enjoy the company of your parents). JJ

Anonymous said...

Great news on the upward trend. You are an inspiration to us all. God never gives up more than we can handle, sometimes we wonder about that, but he is preparing you for some amazing ministry with all that you are enduring right now. Just stay strong and hold tight to the promises of God.

Anonymous said...

I was obliged to sit all day once listening to some very...inexperienced... singers at a vocal contest; I was a runner for the judge and had no choice.
I will never forget, about halfway thru, when the judge had already been reprimanded for giving such very low scores (I was on his side, there) when an obviously very retarded child stood up, and I couldn't help it, I thot, oh no, here we go, as if it hasn't been a long enough day....
Then he began to sing in a sweet clear voice: The little flowers just seem to know, if it never ever rained, they'd never ever grow.

There is a boy I know a little, he tries so hard and gets all A's as far as I know. No one I know works harder at life than he does. He didn't finish his test the other day, so I asked him if he wanted more time. See, he is in a wheelchair and has a degenerative disease that is wearing his body away so fast that he will probably not ever live long enough to graduate from high school. He doesn't look at it that way, though - not at all.
It is hard for him to write but he always does everything I ask.
I said, did you get tired? because you usually get all perfect scores. I took the chance and made the comment that he tries harder than most kids and that I wished more kids could learn from his example. He said, oh, I think the kids who know me get it.

Fight the good fight; run your race well - God will continue to lift you up on eagle's wings.