March 23, 2008, Doin' Okay

I haven't given an update lately because Danni has been staying a few days with her dad. Also, her condition is stable and about the same. She's in good spirits and seems to be dealing with everything in her own laid back way.

We've been to see the neurosurgeon a few times to see if she can begin radiation again on Monday or Tuesday. The problem is that the incision is still draining and she has a swollen spot on the side of her forehead that changes the way her face fits into the mask for radiation, which changes precise angles and measurements the machine uses to do the treatment.

I'm not sure why the Lord seems to be putting things on hold, so I will trust him to take care of her. He is the Great Physician who knows exactly what needs to happen for her. I will call Monday to see if I should bring her for treatments or not. There are so many unknowns and it seems even when I or others do ask questions it's hard to think of the right ones to ask and then the questions the doctor does answer doesn't seem to get to the heart of the matter.

Good thing we have God looking out for her because this back and forth stuff is very frustrating! It's hard to understand unless you have experienced it and even you're experiencing it you can't understand! It seems I just never know exactly what to do to help Danni. One doctor says one thing, another doctor says something else.

Thank God for God! He is constant and unchanging! The rock on which we stand in this storm. I can trust that he will make sure I don't miss something. He will help me do my best!


jj said...

Happy Easter. We love you all.

Lori Bieber said...

He is Risen!
He is Risen INDEED!

Happy Easter to you and your family.

I have started reading some of your blogs to my mother in law. It is so scary how simaliar your daughter and my father in law's are the same. They held off on his mask for radiation also. But God is watching you have to keep your faith in that. I know it is hard some days, but he is beside you. I will always have your daughter in my prayers. I hope some of the sunshine we had today in Florida shines on your family also.
God Bless,
Lori Bieber