March 19, 2008, How is Danni?

March 19, 2008

Danni is feeling relatively well. She is still having swelling in her knees and face. We went to two doctors today because her head is still seeping and there were new signs of possible infection at the incision site.

We were able to back the steroids down a bit so that was a praise, hopefully in a week or two we'll have her weaned down to a minimal amount. Danni has the best attitude. Today when I went to look at her head she could see the concern in my face and before I even said a word she said, "I think that Jesus knows what's going on and he has it under control."

I was surprised at her words. Such resolve and calm. Your prayers for her are working!

We had to hold off on the radiation until her head heals a bit more. This is not a good thing because every day we hold off is a day we lose to fight the cancer. She can only have these treatments for six weeks, if she loses a day she doesn't make it up in the end and if she misses too many days they have to start over.

There are many prayer concerns here. I would also like to ask for prayer for two other families whose lives have recently been touched with tumors and cancer. Thanks to you all. Much love, Christy-mom


Anonymous said...

Danni and family,
Danni you are such an inspiration, your attitude and sense of humor is keeping you stronger and stronger along with your great family. i know you can beat this, i know you can!! God is throwing these obstacles at you just so u can keep gettin stronger and so you make other people stronger as well. thank you danni and family for all of your kind words. Im still prayin for you and i know god is spending a lot of time with all of you. *Amber Phillips*

Anonymous said...

i love you danni! stay strong and know that you are very loved <3 i hope you enjoyed the card i had my mom drop off. i thought a lil bit of the beach might cheer you up :D i know it does me. hope you have a good day. lots of love!

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Anonymous said...

This is just to let you know danni there is light at the end of this tunnel.and you really are a lucky girl to have god and all his family on your side. it wasnt until last year 2006 when my husband became ill and lost his eyesight that one day i had to give our lives to god because the intense worrying and stress was to much. the day we accepted the lord miracles and mountains started moving before my eyes.i wake everyday thanking him for what we have and not what we could of had and with him danni we can overcome anything just dont lose your faith stay strong (dawn handshoe)michelle moderts sister(from tiffanys)the ole mother hen remember lol she hasnt changed