March 31, 2008, She Comes Home Today-Maybe

At first the doctor told me that it would be another week. Then he went out in the hall and read that all the other doctors had released her to go and he decided that with some training I could empty the drain that she has in her head.

So, today we have to have training for diabetic meters and test strips and insulin shots to keep track of her sugar and training for emptying the drain and giving her the antibiotic 3 times a day through her Picc line.

Your basic crash course in nursing. Then we hope that she will go home this afternoon or tomorrow morning. It should be a snap! Um-Yea-Ok...are you sensing my sarcasm? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be going home, it's just a lot to get used too. Good thing God is with us and never leaves us! Lots of new prayer requests. Thanks to all of you who keep hanging in there with us now the newness of it all has worn off.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Nurse Christi, you get to do what it took me 4yrs. of nursing college to do. It is scary and overwhelming at first, but you will do a great job!

Cortney Harris said...

Danni and Danni's Mom
You guys are so strong in your faith and you can manage this. I still pray for you all every day and think about you all the time. Stay strong and know God :)

Lori Bieber said...

Christy, Praise God that you will bring your daughter home soon. I can say this from experience, you will know what to do when it comes tim to taking care of Danni. You will get your crash course and you will be wonderful. You have God on your side and on your team. He is the best teammate we could ever ask for. The best doctor we could put our children in his care.
God Bless,
Lori Bieber

Jamie Dixon said...

give all thanks to the LORD who is wonderful. Danni you and your family is still in my prayers. I wish the best for you and i pray that GOD heals you in every way. Christi I want to thank you also for keeping us here at IBC updated everyday in every way.
May God Smile and Shine down on you love you Dan Dan
Jamie Dixon

Anonymous said...

Christy, Danni and family -
You're still in our prayers everyday & I keep an eye on this website religiously (probably too often :-) We'll be praying specifically for you to learn all that you need to & that God would steady your hands. He's right there with you thru it all!
God Bless, Aaron & Cheri Huber

Anonymous said...

I will keep you in our prays. It is amazing the strength God gives you Christi and Danni to handle the next step of Danni's treatment. Your situation and the trust you have placed in the lord is an awesome inspiration. Many christians can name a situation here and there that he or she has felt God was leading them. For me it is awesome to see how he is guiding your family through the entire situation. Makes me think a song by Alyssia Woods called "Big enough" and how we need to turn to him everyday and not just when times are rough. As God has before I am sure he will guide you through these next steps and give you the strength needed.

Jeff said...

Praise God Danni is doing better and able to go home that Mom has agreed to face her most intimidating job...being a nurse! We have EVERY confidence that you will do fine, Christy...God will continue to go before you as you have been faithful to rely on Him.
I got a will call after I'm better to see how I can help out. We love you all....
grandma & grandpa ervin (barbie)

Anonymous said...

Hi Danni,

What an experience you are going to have to talk about one day!!! It is a remarkable journey you have made so far. Kids at school are still discussing your progress so I know many, many people are continually thinking of you. Keep plugging away at your progress Danni. My thoughts are with you today. Mrs. Cowley

Barb said...

Danni and Christi there isn't a day that goes by that I don't have your whole family in my daily thoughts and prayers. Your strength and faith is so outstanding. I am constantly checking the blog for anything new. Christi your efforts to keep all of us informed doesn't go unnoticed. You have been presented with a new challenge in the care of Danni and I know that you'll do a wonderful job, a mothers tender loving care is what we all need. We are all with you daily through prayers and thoughts, we're all just a phone call away. Your faith and love is so evident, this new challenge has been put in front of you for a reason. God never gives us more than we can handle and he's been right there with you, where you have turned to lead the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to keep all of us who read the blog daily to keep us so informed on Danni's progress.

Barb Dunker

Janet Stone said...

Hey Christy! I'm sure everything seems very overwhelming right now. I can't imagine being in your shoes! Please remember, God doesn't give us more than we can handle...and He helps us handle what we're given. You can do this ~ and more...because He is with you and ALL things are possible with God. I pray for you, Danni and your family every day. As always, please let me know if we can do anything to help you guys.
We love you! the Stones

Cari said...

danni i am so proud of you. I can't believe how strong you are. You are an amazing person and i do believe your faith is really pulling you through all of this.
Stay strong love!

Karen Unternahrer said...

God is soooo being glorified in what you share, Christi.

Cancer is not your everyday "trial". I suppose we all know enough about it to recognize we know nothing of what you're going through unless we have experienced cancer first-hand ourselves.

Thank you for giving specific ways to pray. It is awesome, then, to hear your report on how God answers in specific ways. He's in all the details, isn't He!

And thank you for being vulnerable, for "being real" about the fears and worries you're confronted with. It illustrates how real people can find their hope and peace, their strength and comfort in a real God. The Living God! Praise Him.

And thank you for sharing scripture with us. God's Word is powerful. Not only are you pointing us to God, but you're pointing us to where we can find God ourselves.

Heavenly Father,
Your Name is high and lifted up here in this place. Will You pour out Your blessing on this family (this mom / this daughter)in ways they don't even know to ask for! And then, Father God, may Your Name receive honor and glory and praise because You alone are worthy. Alleluia and Amen.

Anonymous said...

Christi & Danni,

Here I am once again reading about your story and what an amazing one it is! It is Great that you will be able to return to the comforts of your own home once again!
You are still in my prayers. Christi, you seem like a very strong person who will do just fine in your "nursing"! Just make sure you still take your "me time" so you truly can be your best for Danni.

wannastayHIS said...

Hey Danni&Christy,
I'm still praying for you and so is my church. I check your site a million times a day for updates. lol. And when I'm not close to my computer you are still on my mind. I was thinking the other day about how I was walking to your house for a sleepover and that dumb chow almost killed me since it was loose!! haha. good times. Stay strong! love, Angie

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that Danni can come home, hopefully she is home now, tonight.
We are praying for strength of mind and body and spirit for Danni and for you. The best nurse is always your own mom, you will keep on doing a great job!!!!
Randy Angel and Erin

Anonymous said...

Dear Danni's Mom,
It is an overwhelming task to medically care for Danni regarding injections, flushing pic lines and getting all the meds straight. I felt the same fear these past few weeks in preparing my friend for her stem cell transplant. But after the first time taking on these tasks I became more and more comfortable each time. I found it to be another moment to pray over her and thank God for the opportunity to physically DO SOMETHING! Praise God. Our house guest is now entering her first day after chemo and stem cell transplant (Multiple Myeoloma). She is praying for your Danni from the 15th floor of her hospital room. God Bless,

Chaplain Sam said...

Nurse Christy! I'm sure you never envisioned having to do that. God is always stretching us and many times we're not comfortable with the process.

But - He never leaves us or forsakes us. He is right there with both of you all the time as you go through this trial. And so are my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Christy and Danni
You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Christy I admire your strength and I pray daily for God to wrap you in his love. I don't know you personally but I just wanted you to know if you need anything,errands ran,laundry done, house cleaned, ANYTHING just let me know. I also have a cd that has all the healing verses with music in the background, if this would bless you and you would like one please just let me know my email is

Ren said...

please let me know if u need anything.