March 28, 2008, She's Doing Well

Still hanging in there. Nothing much has changed. Just a waiting game. She will most likely be in the hospital for another 5 days or so. We are waiting to see if she will heal from the last surgery. She can't go home until the draining slows or stops.

She's on big time antibiotics and we are also waiting on a culture to come back that the doctor took during surgery to see if any other infections grow so they know if she's getting the right antibiotic or if she needs another one to treat something else.

She has been having trouble with her blood sugar because of the steroids so now they are also treating her with insulin and poking her fingers for blood samples quite a bit. Not fun for Danni, she's not fond of shots.

Keep praying and thanks for all the love in your posts!


Anonymous said...

Please know that there are people out there whom you'll never know or meet, who are praying for Danni and all of your families. All of u r a true inspiration!!! May Danni be victorious in this battle! God is with you.....he really is!!!


Anonymous said...

I think of Danni often and am looking forward to meeting her - even if it isn't until we are both in Heaven, YEARS from now! To read of your struggles and faith really puts things into perspective for me. When I think of the hurdles you have overcome, I feel as though I've never struggled. When I read of your faith, I feel as though I have a lot to learn! God is so good. He has used you in so many ways!! Know your circumstances are not in vain!! I love you and your family and am keeping you in my prayers. Just the other morning, I awoke with Danni on my mind. I felt led to pray for her. God loves you - I feel it personally. Much love~ Stacey

Lori Bieber said...

My father in law had trouble with his blood sugar after his surgery. He celebrated his birthday in ICU and loved subway's cookies so we brought him some for his birthday and talk about your blood sugar jumping. We learnt real fast on that one. You will learn more about this disease than you thought you would ever know. My prayers are with you and Danni.
Lori Bieber