June 1, 2008, Decision Time

We went to the doctor on Friday for a consultation. He said that now a shunt is an option but it wasn't before because of the infection. The prosthesis will take four to six weeks to get because it has to be special made to get a tight fit so the shunt would possibly be done in the mean time to control the fluid.

However, because Danni is 19 she has the final say as to what will be done. In thinking it over this weekend she has come to the conclusion that she doesn't want a shunt put in at this time. The fluid pocket doesn't bother her (hard for the rest of us) but it's her decision, her body and her life. It isn't that she's afraid of surgery, she says she just doesn't have a peace about the shunt.

I reason that she has four to six weeks to wait and the doctor can get her in pretty quick if she needs one right away so if it gets bigger we could always do it then. I want her to follow peace so I will support her in this decision.

A shunt is a big decision because it could work in her situation and it could not work because of the place the fluid is located. A shunt is also a lifetime decision because it stays in for the rest of your life unless it gets infected which is also another possibility. It can also get clogged although the doctor says that they are pretty reliable.

I'm not saying that she won't ever have one but for now she's decided against it. I am so proud of her, even though she has been forced into making life decisions at a young age she is following the peace that God puts in her heart.

Thank you God for the grace you are giving her to deal with the situation she's in and help me to trust in your Spirit within her to guide her just like you do me. I know you love us so much and have plans for our good and that you will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you for your faithfulness. I love you, Jesus Amen.


Anonymous said...

hey guys we miss you and we have been praying God is doing miracles in her life we miss and love you all

Lori Bieber said...

I hope you all find some peace in all these decisions this weekend. They are life decisions and hard to make at any age. God be with you to guide and keep you. If you ever want someone to talk to email me. BobnLori2@aol.com. The shunt worked for my father in law, but it is a decision and a hard one. You are always in my prayers. God Bless