June 8, 2008, Here's Where We Are...

I've had lots of questions about Danni in the last few days so I thought I'd better have another update. There seems to have been some confusion as to whether or not Danni is in the hospital.

Danni is at home and has been for six to seven weeks. We are waiting for the plastic piece that will fill the void in her skull to be made and it takes roughly four to six weeks to do so.

The doctor who took care of her kidney stone wants to see her next week with some new blood work. We aren't sure what that is all about except to know that her calcium and acid levels are high. We see that doctor on Friday in Ft Wayne, IN.

The fluid on the side of her head has not decreased and it doesn't cause her much discomfort. It seems to be staying the same so for now it's just a waiting game. The tumors have grown some in size in the area that the doctor couldn't remove them but where he did remove the other tumor he says it looks good.

She still has a good attitude and seems to be coping rather well considering her circumstances.

Just a note to all those lovely people who are working so hard to raise funds for Danni...thanks could not describe our gratitude. You are a beautiful group of people. The concern and support this community has shown gives me faith that there are still wonderful people in America. I thank God for this community, it's a special place I'm proud to call home!


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the update i ask my daughters every day about danni.she owns the resturant across from the bakery where dannis grandma works.michelle tells me things as she hears them and alex also .im so glad she is doing good with the pain part that worried me.i have something i want to share with you.HOPEFUL EYES LOOK UPWARD.PENETRATING THE THICK BLANKET OF CLOUDS TO CLEAR BLUE SKIES BEYOND.hope you like this.michelles mom .PAM

Anonymous said...

Please let us know where we can make donations to the fund for Danni.

Our thoughts and prayers continue.