June 11, 2008, Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear JJ (Our wonderful loving, sister and aunt (from Danni)) Happy Birthday to You!

Danni says Happy Birthday and thank you for coming to see us and have a good birthday!

We miss and love you much, hope you have a great day! JJ has been helping me to maintain this blog and during her last visit with us she presented me with a binder that was color coded. She had printed out everything I had written, every scripture for today and everything you have written. I was amazed to see how thick the 2" binder was, I'm pretty sure I owe her an ink cartridge and a ream of paper!

What a precious gift she gave to me and I love her very much!

J- Just want you to know how appreciated you are and how much you've blessed us! love sis

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