June 4, 2008, Praises Along the Way - God's Radiation Treatment

Lately it seems as though I’ve wanted to escape the circumstances. Not physically but mentally. Seeing my daughter in the condition she’s in confronts me every day. Knowing that there is nothing I can do to help her.

I’ve been occupying my mind with a new island for my kitchen; we started to remodel before this situation came to be or new bedding or flowers for the porch. I know, guys, you can’t understand the whole shopping thing but for a woman it can be an escape. It’s a way to take a break from life and not have to deal with anything, something to take your mind off of the present condition.

Naturally, God created women as gatherers and nesters but when it consumes a person’s time to the point it eats away at time alone with God it becomes sin. An idol if you will.

It has occurred to me that this sin has been robbing me from my quality time with God and for that I had to repent. John chapter three came to mind this morning so I went there to read. Down in verses 16-21 I read of God’s love for me, a familiar passage. I read that I’m not condemned because of my belief that Christ is my savior, thank you Jesus!

Then I learned about light. How men loved darkness because their deeds were evil (vs. 19) and that everyone who does evil hates the light and won’t come into the light for fear of their evil being exposed.

The next verse hit my spirit with a burst of revelation. The word says that “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done by God.”(vs. 20)

I realized that God’s light is his radiation treatment for our souls! When we expose our sins to God and those we can trust and are truthful with ourselves and come into his light, it kills the cancerous sin on our spirit! Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space, light dispels the darkness and so it is within us when we are honest with God and someone who loves us. It completely releases us from the grip that the enemy would try to put on us. Read James 5:16 about confessing to each another. Read Eph 5:8, 1Peter 2:9, and 1John 1:5 concerning what we once were and who we are now and about God himself.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, his is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ…” (2 Cor. 5:17-part of 18). We are new; God cleanses us from sin when we accept Christ as Savior. We come from darkness into the light. That’s God’s will and plan for all of humanity. That we humbly come to him through acceptance of his son into his light and are cleansed from our sin and saved from the pit of hell! What a wonderful, patient, loving God we are privileged to know!

I thank you, God, for showing me my sin so I could deal with it and come back into right relationship with you. Thank you for your kindness to me. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for keeping me close to the Father. Help us each one to endure the circumstances we’re placed in having complete confidence in you to bring us through better and stronger and more like you. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Again I must say "Preach it sista". You are ministering to sooo many people through this situation. God is so awesome!! Keep it up we look forward to hearing about Danni's progress with your "mini sermans" thrown in for good measure. Love ya sis.

Anonymous said...

Your sis is right. Although you are in a horrible, horrible, situation, yet your love for Jesus is boldly shown thru this website. This terrible experience that Danni and your family are going thru has also been an incredible display of what Christian faith and love is all about. There is no other religion on the planet, there is no other god on the planet, but JESUS ! This website proclaims HIS NAME loud and clear! GOD is holding all of you in his arms, and when any of our times are up, for believers, it is not death, but a transition to a superior kind of life! While our human hearts cry for the physical event of death, our brains and spirits can rejoice in the promise of Jesus-immortal life with God! Yahoooo! :D


Anonymous said...

God bless Danni!

Anonymous said...

The Power of God Almighty be upon you to preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be Glory and Praise forever. Amen