June 26, 2008, Praises Along the Way--Through the Storm

I went with my friends today to have lunch. My friend Steph had a birthday and we decided that we should celebrate. As we pulled up to the place we would dine, we chattered excitedly about the flowers and the stone shed. I especially liked the stone bunny planted in the middle of the velvety looking lilies.

I love being with my buddies, there is something about going out with these girls that makes me feel like I can face the world knowing that they are there for me. We sat in the old Victorian room admiring the vine painted ceiling and the elegant table cloth. What a perfect place to celebrate a birthday. I could just picture Victorian ladies eating finger sandwiches in the parlor where we sat.

The food was good and the dessert divine. As we talked and giggled enjoying our time together inside, the clouds were getting dark outside. We finished our meal, payed the check and went for our cars. Just past the gazebo on the horizon we could see heavy rain headed our way.

We quickly loaded ourselves in the cars and took off for home. The wind blew our car and pieces of debris swirled about us. We made it to my friend’s house where we had carpooled just as the rain began to fall. I jumped into my van and made for the road to get home to the kids.

The wind blew fiercely as I plodded along going faster then slower, dodging puddles that could throw the van into a spin. The wind continued to blow and the rain pelted the van going sideways now. All the way, I thought to myself, “I should be scared but I’m not!” I praised God singing loudly with the music, good thing I was by myself! I sang about God’s love and goodness and mercy following me all the days of my life. All the while the storm raged blowing me from one side of the road to the other throwing sheets of rain in my path and at the van. I could barely see where I was going.

Just then the thought hit me; this is just like the storms of life that we encounter. I knew I was safe in the van, just like I’m safe in him. My old reliable van took me safely home. It didn’t matter what was going on outside, I was praising Jesus inside. I held my peace. What an awesome picture of the trials of life we go through. God is there with us and if we just keep praising him, he will take us safely home.

Getting all upset and scared wouldn’t have accomplished anything, there was no one available to rescue me I had to go through it alone except, I wasn’t alone, he was there lovingly guiding me and speaking to my heart. I am blessed. We are blessed to have a God who is constantly watching out for us even when things happen that we don’t understand. He never leaves us or forsakes us even when he’s quiet. As for the storm, looking outside right now you’d never even know that a storm had passed over. That’s how storms in our lives happen as well, here a minute and then gone.

Next week will be another big week for us. Another storm to go through but I have confidence that no matter what happens, God is in control and I don’t have to get all worried and upset, it wouldn’t help anything anyways. This is another opportunity to grow in my faith and trust him more. Another opportunity to see the glory of God and for him to do another miracle because Danni won’t make it without God willing her to live another day. It’s all in his hands and I leave it there. I will hold my peace, praise him and he will take us safely through the storm.


jj said...

We want more "Danni Funnies."

Janet Stone said...

Christi, I can't thank you enough for all the reminders that you write for us. It should be so easy for me to remember His promises from day to day. But some how, some days, I forget and worry and fret. Your stories are great reminders and your faith and trust shine through. Thank you. As always, you, your family and of course Danni, are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder that this storm is temporary and what we need to get through it. Thank You, you have a wonderful way with words.