June 26, 2008, Answered Prayer...

I woke this morning praying for Danni. "Lord, please help Danni, please bring us some word on her next surgery." I left the request with him and got up and went on about my day.

Within an hour or so I got a phone call from the doctor's nurse. She said that the prosthesis is done and that the doctor would be back on Monday. I told her that we wanted to do the surgery just as soon as possible and I asked if Danni decided to go with a shunt if they could do that at the same time.

The nurse said that she would talk to the doctor on Monday and let us know what the plan would be. I told her that we'd let her know what Danni decided on Monday when she calls us.

I am so glad to hear this good news. Danni had another headache again today and it's time we get this taken care of. Thank you thank you, God, for answering my prayer and the prayers of many. Please pray for wisdom for Danni in these next few days. Thanks again for your prayers.

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Chaplain Sam said...

PTL for continued answers to prayer! Thank you God for your continued direction and grace for Danni and her mom.