May 28, 2008, MRI Results are in...

This afternoon the doctor called to give us the results of the test and give his suggestions as to where we need to go from here. He apologized for it taking him so long to get back to us. He was waiting to consult with 4 other doctors at the same practice.

They reasoned that they should put the prosthesis in to seal her head and that should take care of the fluid that keeps accumulating on the side of her head. We will make an appointment tomorrow for early next week and in the meantime we will be making a list of questions for him and prayerfully considering what our next move will be.

As far as the site where he took out the large tumor, he said that it looked good but the other tumor that had crossed over to the other side of her brain had grown but not substantially.

My thinking is that he wants to get her put back together and healed as soon as possible so the radiation doctor can do his thing. I felt positive about this call because I had originally thought maybe the doctor had done all he could do. I don't think he's given up just yet. Also, at least we know where we are and where we are going.

The other option we do have is "wait and see" but the doctor says that the fluid filled pocket on the side of her head is expanding and he wants to address it. Once again we will know more next week. Thanks for your concern and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Praise God! We're still praying & reading this website daily. May God's healing hand continue to touch Danni, and bring peace & comfort to her family. I heard a lady this week on the radio say "God is ever present, therefore He doesn't have to come riding to our rescue....He's already there!" and He's already there with all of you thru this time.
Aaron & Cheri Huber
Albert City, IA

Lori Bieber said...

Kristi... Question...Why don't they shunt her to stop the drainage into the side of her head. That is what they did on my father in law cause he was having trouble and had to have his head wrapped before radiation started on him. My father in laws shunt makes his; drain into his stomach and since they did that on him a month or so after surgery he has not had a problem. This Nov. will be 3 years since they put his shunt in and no problems. Praise his holy name. Also why can't she take the chemo pill (Temedor)? That is what my father in law is on and I read that is what they just put Kennedy on for his brain tumor also. Just some thoughts from someone who know what you are going threw. I still have your Danni in my prayers when I pray for my Danny (my father in law).
God Bless you all.

Christy-the Mom said...

To Lori--
Good questions, when my mom asked the doctor about a shunt his remark to her was that it didn't apply. Why I don't know but that will for sure be one of my questions for him.

As far as temadar,she has the drugs ready to go but they are most effective in conjunction with radiation and we can't seem to get there.

Thanks for the tips and thoughts they are much appreciated.

Sharla said...

I just wanted you to know that Danni is in our prayers.

Sharla Yoder-Weldy