October 11, 2008

We had another long night, Danni had to go to the hospital (LaGrange) in the ambulance because she wasn't breathing very well. She was also having a lot of pain in her right shoulder and side. Our family doctor was gracious enough to stop by our house and do some evaluating before she went to the hospital and give some orders so that she could avoid the emergency room and be admitted.

We are very grateful for his help and that we had oxygen on site to help her breathe until we decided what to do. The doctor thinks she may have pneumonia again so she is getting breathing treatments every 3 hours and iv antibiotics, we expect that she will be here for a few days.

We're also seeing a lot of anxiety in Danni that seems to have just come on in the last few days. Of course she has been through so much lately that it is understandable but it does seem to be linked with her reasoning which is where the tumor was removed and the cancer is currently.

Hopefully, we can get her something to help with the anxiety. This is the first time I've seen this from her and it just makes me wonder if something else is going on. Please pray for peace for her it's very hard for me to see her upset so easily.

I knew there was a reason the Lord took me to Eph 6 yesterday. I thank him and praise him that he is in control and going before us to make the rough patches smooth and cast those mountains into the sea! Praise his Name!


Lori Bieber said...

Always in our prayers and thoughts.

Chaplain Sam said...

Lord, I pray that Your peace that passes all understanding will surround Danni, and her family, today. Quiet their hearts and minds as you continue to work in their lives. In Jesus' name.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are that Danni will rest peacefully and that you can find comfort in that.