Nope Not For A While

October 16, 2008

Hello all, God must want her here for while because she now has a spot of pneumonia in her left lung. The right lung is about the same but because of the new spot he will keep her for two or three more days, do another xray and go from there.

Somehow we have to get her moving around but I'm not sure yet how that will happen as she has been in bed now for about two months and she is very weak. The respitory therepist told her step-mom that the only way to get rid of pneumonia is to get moving otherwise it won't go away.

I'll be talking to the doctor tomorrow to see if there is any therepy or anything that can be done. She had a better day today. She was feeling better and ate pretty good despite the news. Her spirit is still doing well and she seems peaceful.

That's all for now, I will update as always I know more.


jj said...

Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Christy, Danni and family...we still continue to pray for all of you and trusting God for His complete healing. Appreciate your efforts of keeping us informed "how to pray' Blessings of encouragement & peace...
Caring in prayer from Fl.

Christy said...

You get well too Judi...We'll pray for you! Bless your heart!