Its a Good Day.

October 31, 2008

Danni is having a good day. She seems to be feeling a bit better. I thank God for giving us the meds we need to keep her comfortable. Her lungs are sounding better and she's still eating and resting well.

For the first time in days her sugar has been below 300 so that's a good sign that she's healing too. I continue to stand firm in my belief that she'll be raised out of her sick bed and made well. We've had some awesome times of prayer recently as we laid our hands on her.

I'm confident that God has more for her to do and I stand believing no matter what things "look" like!(Hebrews 11:1) Faith is for right now! It is "now faith" not later faith. God is in her and he is far bigger (1John 4:4) than anything the enemy can throw at us, she is equipped with all she needs (Eph 6, 2Peter 1:3). God is for her who can be against her?(Romans 8:31) Not the "name"of cancer or pneumonia or any other thing that would seek to raise its ugly head.(Phil 2:10) They were all defeated on the cross with the stripes laid on Christ's back.(Isaiah 53:5)

Woo Hoo thank you Jesus! You are supreme! You are awesome in your power! I BELIEVE!


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Jesus!! I feel his spirit when I start reading your blogs sometimes. And Yes, stand strong on your faith.
I wanted to bring Danni a treat today but figured that wouldn't be good with her sugar, so tell her Happy Holloween!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for all he has done.
He will heal Danni==we all believe!
Prayers Always!