Maybe Tomorrow

October 15, 2008

We have some good news and bad news...good news is that her legs had good circulation and no blood clots at this time. More good news is that the CT scan came back okay, she still has pneumonia but no pockets of infection.

Bad news is that doc wanted to keep her here another day because she's not over the pneumonia, she can't seem to cough enough to clear her lungs. So they will do a chest x-ray again tomorrow morning to see if she's improving and we will go from there.

She's also been sleeping quite a bit today and she isn't eating or drinking. I'm hoping when her food comes for lunch she will be ready to eat. If not I may have to get tough and at least get her to drink something.

She doesn't have a fever and her blood sugar is about the same as it has been. Her blood pressure is good and her oxygen saturation levels are great so maybe her body is just fighting the infection and that's why she's so tired.

Either way God is with her holding her hand and he is in complete control. This day is no surprise to him. and so we wait and rely completely upon his sovereign hand. What a great place to be, in the center of his plan for our lives in the center of his hand. We count it all joy and praise him, even when its hard. We have to...its what we believe to be the truth from the word.

Its not a brave front its simple faith and the grace of God.


Anonymous said...

well Very happy to hear the good news and I am sure the bad news will turn into good news too soon! I am sure that God is there walking beside you both and holding your hands, sitting down with you each night and making sure what is to be will be. Christi-please do not forget YOU ARE AMAZING! Prayers for Danni and much love too!

Anonymous said...

Pneumonia maks you VERY tired!!! Be encouraged and we'll be praying for miss Danni's appetite to improve. Glad to hear everything that is looking good too. Love ya! Lisa

Anonymous said...


I read this blog frequently but I don't normally leave messages. I just wanted to let you know that our kids are praying for Danni almost every day.

Lee L.