More Praises Along the Way--Three Ring Minnick House!

October 24, 2008

The day started out like normal, up at 4 am to give Danni meds and then a breathing treatment. Check her sugar and get her a bowl of cereal then a big shot of insulin. A couple of phone calls from friends to see how the night went and if we needed anything.

I had a wonderful, encouraging phone call with more friends, lunch, more insulin and some pills for Danni. Danni’s doctor also came to the house with a nurse that had taken care of her at the hospital to check on us and listen to her lungs.

I caught a little nap before the aide came with the hospice nurse hot on her heals and then came the bed guy. We got Danni an air bed to help prevent anymore bed sores. There was only one problem, we had to get Danni out of the bed completely for it to be installed because the old mattress had to come off….here’s where the day got interesting.

The nurse, aide and I decided that we could try to contact the fire department to help us move her since she can’t walk or even sit up by herself. I called the chief and he said he’d round up some guys and be there in a few minutes. What an awesome fire department we have!

In the mean time, I started for Danni’s room when I heard guitar music. "Where could that be coming from?" I thought to myself. There in the corner was the mattress guy with Matt’s guitar. “Ok, whatever, go with the flow” I thought, I was glad he felt comfortable enough to play. I come from a family of musicians and Matt is a musician so I understand how that all works, instruments are irresistable to them!

By that time the six, or was it seven fire fighters had arrived with back board in hand. We bundled her up in the sheets on the bed and lifted her over enough to get her on the board. Then the guys belted her in for her “magic carpet ride” and lifted her off of the bed.

The nurse, Danni’s step-mom and I grabbed the old mattress and took it off the frame. At which time the mattress dude did his thing with the new air mattress. God had provided again, man, he’s good!!

She lay on the backer board with the fireman all around holding her in midair until the mattress guy was done. Then they laid her gently back on the bed and carefully took the board out from under her. The “carpet” had landed and Danni was safe in her bed again.

In an instant the firefighters were out the door and the aide and nurse where finishing Danni’s bath. I had to crash so I told them I was going to go sleep. The aide did my dishes and washed Danni’s bedding as I rested.

I lay in bed and thought about the events of the day, and the day wasn’t even over yet! How blessed we are, how truly blessed! Only in Topeka, small town America! We are truly blessed here in this land!

The truth is these firemen have been out to the house countless times ready and willing to do all they could for us and I want to acknowledge their compassion and dedication, they are a great bunch of guys and Topeka is a better place to live because of their service!

Not only all this but a hot meal was delivered to our door around dinner time with some yummy chocolate brownies and ice cream! Oh help me Jesus!

I was once again blessed beyond belief!

Father, I thank you for all you are doing in our community, thank you for these guys who dedicate their lives to serve for little to nothing in return. Thank you for sending us such good people to take extra special care of Danni from the aides to the nurses, doctors, EMTs and firemen. Thank you for all the love you’ve poured out over our family.

You are faithful and I can hardly wait to see the good things you will continue to do, keeping every promise the word speaks. Father, in childlike faith I ask for a miracle healing for Danni and I acknowledge all the miracles we and the community have already experienced on this journey.

I believe you, Father, for your word says if we agree about anything we ask for it will be done for us by you! (Matthew 18:19) We agree and wait eagerly for you to respond, all for the purpose of more souls for the kingdom in accordance with the heart of your word. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!


Lori Bieber said...

Topeka is a beautiful place. I would be there if I could stand the snow. ;) It is the small blessings God gives us that we need to look for each day. Christy you have touched so many people, I just hope you know that. Danni is always in our prayers and your whole family also. God Bless

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a pretty exciting magic carpet ride!! lol :D especially with all those strong amazing firemen surrounding you (danni:D) lol. im so glad to hear that all of the things that are needed for you are being provided. That is such an answer to prayers. As always you are in our prayers constantly everyday for your healing. And we also pray for all the 'angles' God has placed in your life. It is truely amazing how He works. we love all of you so much and thank you for being so willing to do what God has lead you to do.

danni if you ever need a good laugh i just saw a pretty funny cat thing on youtube. its called "feed the cat". i laughed so hard the first time i saw it. hope you like it:D love ya!

all our love and prayers,
kala and diane

Anonymous said...

you have a really inspiring story. i do not know you or your daughter danni,but i am drawn to read about your daily experience's with what your life has become. i have learned a lot about living and what it is really about, you have a great understanding of God and how you use Him in your everyday. myself i have children and could see how straining this could be, i pray for your strength and through all the hours that turn to days, months, forever, that you both share happiness and memories getting you both through each day. it's truley an inspiration for you both to share your story, i wish nothing but the best and are thankful God is there bringing the community, family, friends, and neighbors, and as myself strangers. GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY.

Chaplain Sam said...

Yes, AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Isn't it awesome the way He sends folks into our lives to hold up our arms in tine of need?

May God continue to strengthen you all day by day for the path He has chosen for you. (Matthew 6:34).

We continue to pray for you daily.

jj said...

Hope you're holding up, sis. Sounds like you have lots of hard work but lots of love coming your way. Don't you just love when Christ's love shines?

Anonymous said...

We continue to stand in agreement with you for Danni's complete healing.

Aaron & Cheri Huber