Peace and Quiet

October 18, 2008

Today Danni is resting quite a bit. I'm sitting in her room at the hospital and she's sleeping soundly as the oxygen hisses and bubbles in the background. She has a nice quiet private room for which I praise God.

She has been doing well on her breathing treatments and is comfortable.

Matt and I have planned to go on a date today to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. What a wild ride it has been! Nevertheless, I love him more each day. Danni's grandma will pop in on her a couple of times today to check on her as she lives here in town.

I think this will be a very restful day for Danni. And a very blessed day for Matt and I.

Blessings to you all as well!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I am sure there will be MANY more to come!
Have a Wonderful day to both you and your husband!

Brenda H. said...

zCongratulations! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the love you each have for the other. God is ALWAYS there. HIS love is constant.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! have a good time on your date