Good News

October 18, 2008

From the Doctor....we are seeing improvement on her xrays! Praise God! He is healing her!


Chaplain Sam said...

Outstanding! PTL!

Anonymous said...

Praise God and all his glory!
Our prayers are with you....and he is answering them!

Anonymous said...

hey, my name is johnny schwartz, my sister is a nurse at parkview hospital and she told me to check out this site. i just want to let you know that you'll have one more person praying for danni day and night

Liz Lahman said...

I want you to know I continue to pray for you and your whole family.
Do you get your rest?
Reading your letters, they are very inspirational to me. I pray you feel God's Hand on you.

My love,
Liz Lehman

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the wonderful work he is doing in her body, but more importantly for the complete and total transformation he has done in her spirit and faith!!!