A Normal Day


Anonymous said...

Hey! I need some posters to decorate my wall with! Danni, you need to sketch up or color something snazzy and send it my way so I can spiff up my room. Make it something classy...like spongebob. Or for my birthday you still need to send one of those floaty things that they used back in the olden days for drink holders. Also, I never got those directions sent to me about that slate pool table...nonetheless, I'm including my address.

501 N Jordan Ave #11-112
Bloomington, IN 47406

Hoping all of your days are fun and beautiful (not just normal :)),


Karen Unternahrer said...

Normal is relative, isn't it

Praying for a welling up of
peace within
and simultaneously
a downpour of joy from HIM

Immersed in the love of God and
in the prayers of your friends


Anonymous said...

Danni, you are truly a beautiful girl! Always keep that chin up and know that everyone is praying for you. You are such an inspiration. It was nice to see the video of you. Times do get tough in life but keep up the faith and things will all work out in the end.

Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing young lady! I know God will heal soon...we all will keep praying. Love and Prayers always!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! Keep up the lovely art work. Its nice to see your smiling face! :-)

Anonymous said...

That amazing smile of hers is contagious!! Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Danni just wanted to say Hi and that we are all still thinking of you. You are really a true inspiration Danni!!!
Amber and Madisyn

Jaime said...

Isn't she lovely!! Isn't she beautiful!! All love and prayers to you!! The Kauffmans :)