So Far So Good!

September 5, 2008

Yea! Her platelets are up over the safe mark and the surgery is scheduled for sometime around 2 today. It will be good to get rid of the external drain thing!

I'll keep you all up to date.


Anonymous said...

you guys are in my prayers and thoughts....wish I could be there with you. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Good news! Let God show the way with all the doors that he keeps opening. Praise God and all his goodness! Prayers will be with you all.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to hear that she is doing well! We all miss her soooo much here at IBC! She is still in our prayers and we all hope the best for her!

Joseph Smallbone

Anonymous said...

We ask once again for God's saving grace and healing hand as we continue to pray for yet another surgery. Lord, we try to be patient for her miracle...we are SO READY...bring it on! Please.
Praise God for His control....He will be faithful in His timing.
Wisdom to the doctors...grace and peace to the family. We love you guys, Gma & Gpa