Holding Her Own

September 1, 2008

Danni is still in the hospital waiting for some tests to come through to see if she truly has infection and if so what kind of infection. If there is infection in the shunt she'll have to have a new one or some kind of alteration will have to be done to the one she has.

I have been spending the weekend with our other children thanks to the kindness of her step-mother who stayed faithfully with her the last three days. I appreciate her so much, without her and Danni's grandparents who have also been a tremendous help to me, I would have had a long weekend.

Tuesday I'll be right back at it though bright and early to try to be there when the doctor comes to see her, you have to get up early and be quick to catch these busy guys. Danni is ready to come home but I think it will probably be at least a week.

I'd like to say Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter Mallorie, she's 20 today!

We'll probably spend the day resting up for the week, thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts for us. God Bless!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all seems to be going fairly good.Tell Danni to hang in there. Thanks for Gods blessings! Praise All... Love & Prayers to you all!