Back Home Again

September 11, 2008

Actually, she came home yesterday but it took the rest of the afternoon to get our checkbook in order, do some work for the township, get her med schedule organized, and a thousand other things.

It is soooooo gooooood to have her home. Today I got to get out for a while and her grandmother took care of her. It was wonderful to do something that didn't involve a hospital!

She's resting and working on her leg and arm strengthening exercises. She's slowly healing and we are trying to get her blood sugar under control. This afternoon she was up to 371! Normal range for her should be 80 to 140. She's getting 100 units of insulin a day up from 80 units. I know diabetics that get 40 units a day. I hope this turns around soon.

It seems we are almost in the swing of things again. Our biggest challenges have been transferring her from one place to another, learning new moving techniques so as to save our backs and of course getting her blood sugar under control.

Even Jessi and Atlee have been helping me position her in bed and run here and there for this or that. It's truly going to take teamwork on all our parts. I think its very good for us to work together. The kids are learning all kinds of wonderful life lessons


Anonymous said...

Thank God she is home! She looks amazing in the new picture. All of our love and prayers will be with you in the days that follow...and God will be by your side.

Lori Bieber said...

I pray you have a peaceful weekend. Glad she is home with family that is one of the best medicines.

jj said...

It's good to see Danni without the white bandage on her head. SOOOOO GLAAADDDDD you are HOME! Jessi and Atlee are the best kids. You are so blessed.

smallchange said...

Hey Danni!! I have missed all your updates last week, I was cruising in the middle of the hurricane!!! Hey, knowing how you are the tv watching diva these days I have got something that might be of use to you. You see I can't find my glasses anywhere, I assume I left them on the ship, but in my search for them I found the remote from my stateroom in my luggage!! I thougt maby you could use an extra to help with your viewing pleasure!! They are probably going to charge me for it, but thats okay cause I won't be able to see the charges on my bill! Miss you, I will seeeee you tuesday morning, and I WILLLLL have donuts!! Penny

Anonymous said...

Hope the weekend is going good for you all. Love and prayers are with you as always.