The Long Night

September 20, 2008 6am

We took Danni to the emergency room in Kendallville via ambulance because she was having pain in her kidney. We thought that maybe she was having another kidney stone. Tests confirmed that she had a 7mm size kidney stone stuck in the tube coming from her kidney.

So her urologist "just happened" to be on call and he instructed the ER doctor in Kendallville to send her on to Parkview Main. So by ambulance she was transported to Ft. Wayne and the urologist came in to see her in the ER there around 3:30am.

She went into surgery at 6 am this morning to have a stint put into the tube so that it could drain until she has this "sonic boom" procedure to break the stone into sand sized bits then when everything is clear the stint will come out. Three separate hospital visits. We have to put the stint in first, then we set up a time to come back and do the the boom thing. I hope this makes sense, we've been up all night.

Anyways, she's anemic and her platelets are down to 62000 which is low so those issues will have to be dealt with before the boom thing. Soooo, the good news is that maybe she will come home today. God is looking out for us. He's faithful! I'll write more as we know more.

Much love to you all in Christ.

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