April 8, 2008, Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.

Patience, patience, patience. We went to the doctor yesterday and we decided to leave the drain in for a few more days. She is having trouble with a pocket of fluid collecting on the side of her face again near her temple area.

The drainage has been decreasing which is good except for the fluid on the side of her head. The drain doesn't seem to be even touching that portion. Please pray that her body or the drain takes care of the fluid that is collecting near her temple area. It's not a good sign.

The incision is healing well but if the above-mentioned fluid stays and continues to accumulate it could open the incision and we are back to square one where something else will have to be done.

They did a blood test yesterday to see how well the antibiotic is working on the infection. We will know more from that later. Hopefully it is doing its job. We praise God for a "wimpy" infection (in the words of the doctor), as opposed to a more aggressive one. But the fluid has got to go! Danni goes back to her doctor on Thursday and I expect that he will remove the drain.

Many of you have asked how her spirit is doing. When we asked her this question she gave her "thumbs up" response. She is still cracking jokes and seems to be handling it all in stride. She does have her quiet days too, she's not superwoman, but all in all she's got a great mental attitude.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

When I read about you Danni, I cry... You are so strong and such a beautiful, wonderful person. I pray for you and ask God to take your pain away. Keep your spirits up, because God is looking down on you and is working His miracles through you. He'll never let you go.

Lori Bieber said...

Christi, Danni and your family are still in my prayers.

God bless,
Lori Bieber

Anonymous said...

You get stronger and stronger by the day my wonderful friend! I am so proud of you and i am so thankful to God that He is keeping you strong! you are an amazing person and friend :D I hope all goes good at the doctor on thursday. You are and will continue to be in my prayers.
lots of love,

jj said...

Hey Danni, We pray for you a lot as a family so Emma knows your name. But of course, since we're so far away and she's so young, she doesn't REALLY know who Danni is. So the other night we went to see the musical Annie at a middle school. Every time Annie was not on the stage, Emma would repeatedly ask, "Where's Danni?" Somehow she got Annie and Danni confused. So now when we pray for you, I think she has a picture of Annie in her head.

We're hoping to visit you soon. I know you'll be SO THRILLED (sarcasm smile) to see us.


Anonymous said...

Hey Danni, how's it going? Do you still have that tube in your head? Does it hurt when you lay on it? I have so many things to ask you about the tube. Are you still eating candy like it's the end of the world? How can you eat so much candy without getting sick? How can you stand that? Are your eyes doing well. Can I trade you my bed for yours? You can even have the sheets. Pretty pretty please with a big bright cherry on top? I hope your doing well and I'm glad your my sister. I wish you the best of luck and will see you very soon.
Love your sister,

Anonymous said...

Hey Danni; my step sister Lani told me about you. I hope that you don't have any pain.

Love your step sisters step sister,