April 21, 2008 - Test results...

Today we found out how special God made Danni. She only has one big kidney! Problem with that is that she also has one big kidney stone and it's blocking everything. God has gone before her though and worked on the heart of a very kind urologist.

He will be doing surgery on her today to break it/ them up, there may be more than one, and remove them. She has good drugs that she can have on demand by a push of a button and hopefully she'll get it taken care of today and feel much better by this evening.

The nurse will take Danni's drain out at some point and time today, we'll see how that goes too.

Thank God we found out what's going on but Danni has had a pretty bad day to say the least. Just in... surgery tonight at 7 pm.


jj said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Can you imagine??? She has to deal with a kidney stone now? Poor sweet Danni!

Christy, I was logged onto your blog and saw the beginning of your post somehow. All I could read was she has one kidney. I about had a panic attack waiting to see what you were gonig to say about that. It was weird that you were writing while I was editing.

LOVE ya and see you SOON (well, four weeks), JJ

Anonymous said...


We will get people praying for the 7 PM surgery.

We prayed for you yesterday in church, but we'lll get a "knee mail" out right away.

Pastor Harold

Anonymous said...

We love you guys and miss you. We'll be praying for you.

Joe and Brandi Drake

Jaime said...

NOW to have a kidney stone to deal with!! You are on our prayer chain at church for surgery and you are on our prayer chain 24/7! We Love you Danni!! And all the rest of you!!

Jaime and family

Anonymous said...

i know i continue to pray and will send yet another message to all those we know for their prayers also. danni...you are an AMAZINE/AWESOME person...yet only a body wrapped around a sole.