April 22, 2008, Thank God She's Coming Home!!

The title says it all! All the doctors released her to come home tomorrow! We will have to watch her head and change the bandages every two days or so but we are grateful to be going home.

I guess they kept us in here long enough that I don't even care about her going home without a bone flap! Kind of like having a baby, by the time the baby comes you are so ready to have it you don't care what it takes! :}

We are rejoicing, thank you Jesus! I was very grateful as well that we were here at the hospital when she had her round with the kidney stone. Maybe that's what we were waiting on. I think Danni is very glad too. Tomorrow will be a big day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus

Lori Bieber said...

Praise his holy name.

God Bless

Chaplain Sam said...

Yeah!! Rejoicing with you! PTL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Jesus and keep those blessings coming. We praise you for your love and mercy and continuous care you have for Danni and her family.