April 15, 2008, Bummer

The lump on the temple is back. Wasn't this what we had the surgery to get rid of? I know God has a plan and a purpose. Obviously I believe that or I would be screaming and pulling my hair out! But it does make me wonder what on earth that plan and purpose may be. Just bein' real.

I bet it's a doosie of a plan at that. I guess it's our fault we (the doctor and I) tried to hurry things along by not compressing the drain thing as much to slow the drainage. Slowed it too much I guess... ok I get it God, your timing, I surrender. But I admit to you, this is frustrating!

Danni just takes it in stride, truly amazing the grace of God in and on her.

I must need McDonald's mentality removed from my spirit. Remove it I pray. Thank you for our circumstances. Thank you for your mercy because I know that it could be worse. Lord, help us! Amen


Anonymous said...

Christy, I thought of you and Danni Sunday during our sermon at church. It was on how all of us get overwhelmed sometimes with all the stuff that keeps happening and all the prayer requests we have. Our pastor's message was that luckily God never gets overwhelmed and we need to keep the prayers coming. I have kept your family in constant prayers during this difficult and challenging time. I will continue to ask God for strength and healing for Danni.
~Lauri (Funk) Eash

Chaplain Sam said...

Lord, in Jesus' name, I ask that you would direct the medical team treating Danni - that they would accurately diagnose the problems and provide the correct treatment. Also, continue to strengthen Christy and enable her to be your representative in this trial. Thank you Lord for Danni's complete and speedy recovery with no lingering negative after affects. PTL!

cortney h. said...

aghhh i look on here anywhere from 8 to 20 times a day. i always want to know the next thing i can pray for danni about. i hope things are going better...and know that you are loved and people are thinking of you all the time. God is watching over you and your family. Things are going to continue to get better. miracles. :) they happen.

lots of love and prayers