Rejoice, Rejoice, and Again I Say Rejoice!

December 1, 2008

We had such a wonderful time yesterday, my brother-in-law worked all day on the video presentation while my friends and I went shopping for items that would personalize the casket piece.

It sounds strange but I think she would have been blessed as we remembered her every like and dislike carefully putting together the funeral to end all funerals! I wish.

We laughed and cried, my friends and family and I, we rejoiced and sang while Dad played the piano. My friend did Danni's "Red Chair" remembrance poster and we ate and enjoyed each other's company.

We took pictures of all the ladies who had given themselves fully to Danni's cause lovingly caring for her all these last months and weeks. What a blast to celebrate all that Danni was to each one of us!

I know it sounds strange but it really helped to ease the pain. I am very grateful for the blessed day's that the Lord has so generously poured out upon us as we prepare for the day of her body's departure.

Her spirit is secure! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing lady, Chrisy! (and everyone knows where Danni got hers from--YOU) Just wanted to tell you that I am still praying for you and your family...let the healing start with each one of you. It takes time...but will come. Always...just knowing one day you will be together again. Praise God and all his goodness...

Anonymous said...

I just got home from the viewing and I have to tell you.....that was so neat how things were done. How cool that was for your friends and family, and yourself to put so much heart and thought into it. I'm sure she is smiling and loving it. It was very touching. And, I was happy to finally get to meet you. Thanks for blogging I look forward to reading more from you. Much love and prayers to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

i think danni would have loved what you did for her with the cascet piece and everything. I'm sure she loved watching from up above the long line of people who were there to show how much they love her. Your family and friends are so amazing. I love you all so much!! and i love danni too. now she is watching over us, i feel blessed.
i love you all!

ps.. im sure my mom will post a comment later so ill let her type her own lil thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I can't attend the viewing or funeral, but I will be thinking of you all.
God bless you and take care of your little Danni, I wish I had known her.

Barb said...

What an amazing bouquet you made for the casket, its something Danni would have picked out. I loved her coloring pages, and the journey of her life being played out as we waited in line. You are all amazing and love and faith that you all have WOW. I read the blog daily, sometimes 3-4 times a day, your wisdom and faith gave all of the encouragement to keep going. Finally to see the face behind the wonderful blog was wonderful. You all brought Danni to us and she is a role model for all of us to live each day that we have to the fullest never forgetting that God created it for us. We love all of you, we may not be blood related but it was amazing to be included in the journey that Danni and the family took. Putting your heart and soul into everything that you wrote. Danni loves all of you and I know she was smiling down at all you today as you stood there talking to each one of us, with so much love and compassion. Danni will always live in our hearts, and in our memories. She's at peace now and she laughing and joking now with all the angels. Danni is and always will be an amazing young lady who thought of others, when she was in so much pain. We love you all

Wayne & Barb Dunker

jj said...

Everyone needs to know that Christy and the family are really as amazing at it all seems. They are handling this better and with more grace than I've ever seen. Christy has the best group of friends who have been with her through it all with Danni and through all the other drama in her life (hee hee) before Danni got sick. What people don't get to see from this blog is how hilarious Christy is and how much fun she has in life.

I'm sad I don't live near Lisa, Penny, Steph, and the other tragedy coordinators. It was special being here with them as they constructed a casket piece with Wall-E, pink flamingos, Danni's shoes, and the red purse. Danni was one blessed girl, to be surrounded by so many people who loved her.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that was the best funeral I have ever been to. Yes we all cried a lot but Amen that we have a maker that loves us and takes us home to his eternal home. You started with a song that was so near and dear to me "The Old Rugged Cross" my grandmother sang it alot. I loved how the funeral end with newer songs and praising God as it tells us to do in the bible. I will continue to pray that you see how God has blessed you even though such loss. His holy spirit was definitely in the church today and I believe even the unbeliever will have a hard time not knowing he was their. Christy you really show God strength through your person and it is awesome to be around your family.

Anonymous said...

I know and believe in my heart that Danni was smiling and laughing at you putting together that casket piece. What a Blessing to see all the special things and how much Danni enjoyed life. She ALWAYS had a smile on her face. Lee did such an awesome job with the slide show. What amazing memories!! She will always be in our hearts and we will keep her memory alive by sharing her story with others. Her courage, strength and love for God will live on in all of us and through you. WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU !!

Anonymous said...

Christy - I'm sorry we couldn't stay any later. I'm also very sorry that I didn't get (or take) the opportunities to get to know Danni. She sounded like she would have been a blast to be around - I'm drawn to people with sharp, clever wits and bounties of good humor. I can't wait to meet her in the presence of our heavenly family.

I look forward to hearing the stories as I get to know my sister over the next however many years.

Praying continually for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I am just sitting here getting ready for work and am wondering how you are doing. Believe me it will take time...but with time things will get easier. I know right now you are still hurting but just knowing that someday you will get to see and hold your precious daughter once again---will keep you going! Our Prayers continue for you and your family.