July 1, 2008, Here's the Deal...

Danni didn't have surgery to put the plastic piece in yet. The nurse was supposed to call on Monday but didn't until this morning. The doctor is recommending that we do NOT put in a shunt this round. He wants to see if he can get her head sealed up and then if she needs it later he'll put one in.

Danni was relieved by this turn of events because she was still very undecided about the shunt. Matt and I prayed with her about it and we all felt a peace about leaving it in God's hand to take care of and sure enough he did!

The surgery is tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of July 8th. There was another patient that was before her in line and the nurse wasn't sure what that person would decide. I took that to mean that she may get in earlier if that other person doesn't want their surgery at the scheduled time.

That's where we're living, thanks for all the prayers!


Kimberly Hays (Relay for Life commitee) said...

Best of Luck to you Danni, and my prayers are with you all. I can't imagine what you all are going through with your beautiful daughter but you give so much inspiration through your blog.
Praise God!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep Smilin' Sweetie. The world needs a few more "Danni's".
May God keep blessing you and your family!