July 14, 2008, Just a Little Note...

Well, everything went good with the bandaging. With Danni's dad on one side and me on the other we got it accomplished. It took two of us because we had to keep it pretty tight. The incision looked good but as soon as the pressure was off the fluid gathered under the skin again.

Bummer. I talked with the doctor's nurse this afternoon and she said that we should keep pressure on it and change it every two days to see if this is spinal fluid or just normal surgery fluid. Only time will tell.

If she still has the fluid under the skin in two weeks, he'll have to do the shunt. I think he's trying to use that as a last resort. I think that he didn't want to do too much at one time this round.

Her spirit is doing well. She's had more energy since she came home from the hospital this last time. From here we wait and see what the fluid will do but the ultimate goal is still to get her to radiation and chemotherapy.

As a side note, Matt's mom came through her surgery just fine and she's recovering well. My back is also better today. Thanks for all the prayers where those needs were concerned.

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Lori Bieber said...

Praise the Lord she is doing well.

Always in our prayers. God Bless