July 31, 2008, Doctor Results

Well, the fluid didn't go away so the shunt will go in next Wednesday at 1:30 pm. This is the last ditch effort to try to control the fluid on her forehead under the skin.

We thank God that there was no infection with the last surgery and the incision didn't leak once!

This also means she will NOT be starting radiation like we had hoped. For some reason, God is saying no to radiation so we submit to him. He's closed that door so to speak.

The body is such a delicate balance, when one thing goes wrong other things go wrong. Medicines that help in one area wreak havoc in other areas. I'm realizing what a miracle it is that every day we get up, breathe air, move about accomplishing our daily goals never giving a thought to the fact that everything has to work together in our bodies to make our day happen.

We are such fragile beings but we think we are invincible. One day we're doing our thing the next everything changes. The word compares us to a breath, a mist and a flower that's here today and gone tomorrow. Life is precious and short and God controls it all. Thank God he does, what peace comes from that knowledge.

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Lori Bieber said...

Praise God for no more infection.

I know from experience the shunt worked for my father in law. After healing from it he was able to do radiation. He still has it in and is doing fine. For a man that was told he would not see his first grandchild graduate high school, Our wonderful Lord has given him the time to see two grandchildren graduate high school two years apart. Now his goal is to keep doing what the doctors say and praying to God to see that first grandchild graduate college with her masters in 2.5 years. Praise God. My prayers are with your whole family always.