July 8, 2008, She's Done...

2:30 pm

Despite Tornado watches and warnings, thunderstorms and rain, rain, rain Danni made it through her surgery just fine. Thanks again for all the prayers.

The doctor said that the tumor was growing out the hole in her head. He had to cut it back before putting the prosthesis in and sealing it up. He said it looked pretty dry and that he didn't think a shunt would be necessary. Let's hope!

The goal is still to get her to radiation and chemotherapy. She'll have a few days rest in the hospital and Lord willing home by the weekend.


jj said...

Yikes. I hope this does the trick and she can FINALLY start fighting that cancer! Praise God she is out of surgery. And I must say I don't miss that Indiana weather.

Lori Bieber said...

Well we have not had sunshine in our part of Florida, but I am sure there was some in the hospital when Danni came out of surgery.

God Bless you and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the surgery going well. I clinge to your faith praying I could learn to trust in the lord as much. Our family is the one who just lost Jessica Ruiz the 19yr old killed in a head on collision. Her mothers first words were why God? Only God knows.
Will continue to pray for Danni and all her trials to come.
God Bless your Family!!!

Megan said...

Hi my name is Megan Hiland and i work with Andrew Yoder at Jayco. He has been using the internet on my computer at work to check up on Danni for the past months and i have also been checking in on her updates and praying for her and your family. I could not imagine how terrible it was for all of you to go through this. Then on June 24 my sister suffered from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm she was transferred to IU hospital in Indy where i have been spending the weekends. She has not woken up since it happened and they don't know if/when she will. Since this has happened you have especially become an inspiration to me with your strength and trust in God. I will be praying for you and Danni

Anonymous said...

What is happening with Danni and this website is truly under the power of the Lord. This site is reaching out to soooo many people. The faith of Danni and her family is just sooo powerful and inspiring. I am a strong Christian, and yet i find myself asking if my faith is as powerful as yours were i to go thru a similiar situation with my son. Praise to Danni and her family!! To the Jessica Ruiz family, try not to be angry at GOD.....there is a reason for what happened, and one day it will be revealed. May HE bless all of you and heal your hearts!! To Megan Hiland and your sister and family.....you will be in our prayers as well. Let us know how she does.
Yes, it's clear what the purpose of this website is for and what it has become. Praise God!!