July 12, 2008

What a week! Danni is her old joyful self today. Making jokes and laughing, eating ice cream. I on the other hand am fighting with my back again, this time I just stood up wrong and my hubby Matt is at the hospital with his family because his mom broke her hip yesterday morning and had to have surgery today.

They weren't sure how she would come out of it because she has lung and respiratory problems. I just got a call from Matt and she came out real well. Thank you Jesus.

Matt and I discussed last night how God "insulates" us from circumstances. Just knowing that he is in control of everything that happens gives us great peace in the midst of any situation.

Thank you Jesus, help us continue to trust in you in the midst of everything we're going through. Amen

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Anonymous said...

Good Word!

Thank you for continuing to post, I needed to hear that today.

You're in our prayers, as always.

Our prayers also to others who've posted loss of loved ones, (especially Jessica's family)or those whose families are struggling with illnesses - whether mental or physical. God be with you all, and bring you peace & comfort. What was meant for evil He will use for good!