May 23, 2008, Another Doctor Day

Yesterday, we went to have an MRI and then to the doctor who takes care of her IV. We should know the results of the MRI today after the doctor reviews them films. They have discontinued her IV antibiotics for now but left the PICC line in her arm until after we know what the surgeon wants to do about the fluid pocket on her head.

They are puzzled. No one knows why she continues to have fluid collecting on the side of her head. As my tragedy coordinator and I sat in the van, we pulled out the MRI films and began to review them (because we knew what we were looking at, NOT!!). Anyway, we tried to understand what we were seeing. We could not.

Hopefully, I will hear from the surgeon today. I hope he has a solution. I can't understand why he leaves her this way. It's so hard to see her like this. But, then I think, "Well, maybe it's God's way of keeping her from chemo or radiation for some reason." I'm one who believes there is purpose to everything God does and allows. I must admit, often I don't understand why but I really don't need to. I just need to know that He's in control and He has the best in mind for all of us. My plan is to keep you all posted and "baton down the hatches." I have a feeling there is more to come.


Matt G. said...

We just sent out a reminder for all the EWC family to pray for you guys! We are still with you and hoping for the best. Isn't it awesome to know that our "hope" is not just "best wishes" or "good thoughts", but our HOPE is Jesus! the Hope of Glory! (Hold on to Him ... tight!)

Liz Lehman said...

Amen and Amen to Matt G's statement. Christi hang in there, don't loose faith in GOd. You are an inspiration to us all. I pray that GOd's will is to heal Danni.

tiffany said...

my mother-in-law, marcia booher of lagrange, also has the same condition. we have had many trials with her. may 11th was 1 year since she had surgery & begain chemo & radiation, they told us she'd be lucky to see this may. now they say she's in remission, but she isn't the same. i personally think the longer you can hold off on surgery the better!! She's had a rough time with emotions b/c the part of her brain operaited on effects the emotions & memory. keep GOD by your side he will guide you & he does have a plan for all of us! my life has never been a walk in the park- then God brought me to a family of the Lord. with me i brought illness, they've never had to deal with on personal level, but that perpared them for this! keep your head held high!! with christian love tiffany