May 1, 2008, Just a Lil' Note

Again, our family would like to send special thanks out to all those who have been faithfully feeding us the most wonderful foods! What a blessing it has been just to be able to rest and not to have to plan meals.

We would also like to send a great big thanks to all the students at International Business College for all the gas cards that were sent. I am much impressed by the generosity of the students there and I feel confident that their future employers will have professional, kind, loving employees! You have the biggest heart!

Danni is having a good week and she's resting and allowing her body to do its thing. We've been encouraging her to think about some online classes so she can make the most of her down time. I'm not sure yet where she will be doing them or if she will be doing them but she's considering the possibility.

Thanks again for all the prayers, love, food, gas money and other contributions. It is a beautiful thing to see the perfect and good gifts from above stream into our need through those he chooses to use. Richest blessings upon you all.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go to Danny and her family! U r in our thoughts and prayers!