May 26, 2008, Still Waiting

We are still waiting on the results of her last MRI from Thursday.

Hopefully, the doctor will read the MRI tomorrow and let us know what the results are and what we can do about the results. She still has a lot of fluid on the side of her head but the incision is still closed and not leaking. We want to know what is causing more headaches and where the tumors are in size.

We had a great weekend with friends and food and Danni went out with her friend for pizza too. So, many thanks to God for a full but happy weekend.


patbaka said...

Thanks to you and your family for sharing your faith w/many. We are grandparents to Lance Baka. He shared this info to us at our family picnic on Sunday. Our family will keep you in our thoughts and prayers throughout your ordeal. The one truth is that faith holds us all together through the good and the bad and we just need to let God be in control of all of it. From our family to yours, God Bless. In Christ, The Baka's

Christy-Mom said...

Amen brother that's good preachin'!
He's the Rock! He's the Fortress, He's the Deliverer in Him will I trust!