May 14, 2008, Life as Usual

Well, as usual as possible. Danni is holding her own, yesterday she went for a walk around the cul-de-sac and she seemed to enjoy it, even if mom was watching her every move!

"Mom, I'm not going to fall!" She text me a few minutes later that she had made it into the house without falling. She's so funny.

I have good news to report, in the last two days her head has stopped leaking! She still has the fluid on the side of her head that concerns me, but for now the leaking has stopped! Thank you Jesus! Now, if the fluid-lump would go down maybe she would be able to get back to radiation and have chemo too very soon.

We are waiting on the neurosurgeon to put her in the clear. Keep up the good prayers! Thank you soo much


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord Jesus we just pray that the fluid in Danni's temple area would just go away in Jesus name. We thank you for your healing power and your love for us Lord God. We thank you for this healing you are doing in Danni and love you have for her. Amen.

Anonymous said...

....and amen and double it for that wonderful prayer above!!