One Month Today

December 27, 2008

Hey Danni-

It’s been a month today since you’ve gone to be with Jesus. I sure miss you but I’m glad you’re home safe. A lot has happened since you’ve been gone and a lot just went back to normal.

Jessi and Atlee are doing fine; they spent all day after Christmas building this roller coaster toy while Matt and I put a new storm door on the front of the house. So many people came to see you and help us that the old hinges just couldn’t take it anymore! What a wonderful situation! We had fun working together, Matt and me.

I hope you don’t mind I went through your room and through your clothes and got them ready for someone who is in need just like you requested. We also went and ordered you a beautiful memorial stone that the man will come and install in the spring.

A boy died in our community, it was a sledding accident. His parents are friends of mine and we went to school together, if you haven’t met him maybe you could look him up and show him around I’m sure you have heaven down pat by now. Or maybe not it’s I imagine it's probably a pretty big place.

Your room is a mess, bags of clothes here and there and your pictures are still sitting out. I hope you’re not upset with me but I read your journal. I was so blessed by the gift you left me. The gift of your words, words of thankfulness and kindness and concern for others. It’s so neat to see your hand writing.

I kept your lamby slippers you loved so much for me and when I wear them I feel you near.

It’s so hard to believe you are gone. My sweet Sharky. I have so many memories of you making me laugh. They overshadow the dark and painful ones; it seems they are connected to them for the sole purpose of helping me to get through them.

You can never know how you impacted my life and so many others. Now you are part of that great “cloud of witnesses” the word speaks of in Hebrews 12:1. I want to throw off those things that hinder like you did and finish the race before me with perseverance. You are such an inspiration to me. Now whenever things get hard I know that I will make it just like you did. Turning to God, never giving up, and trusting in Him with my whole heart in any and every situation I encounter.

I press on just like you would have if the situation had been reversed and my life is forever changed and strengthened because of the work I saw accomplished in you.

Life is quiet now. I’ve been planning that trip to the beach we were going to take when you got better, Lord willing we should be able to go for your birthday. Now you’re better so we can go and I know you’ll be with us there.

I’m doing fine, just like I told you I would. I love you Danni. I’ll see you soon.




Anonymous said...


What a letter and how strong you are. I want to be just like you. I know that Dakota and Danni are in a much better place than we are but it is so difficult to understand. I am going to go thru all of your postings and reread them. Please keep writing this blog means so much.

Carol Bushong

Anonymous said...

I cried.
I smiled.
Only one word...
Beautiful. Just Beautiful.
Love and Prayers Always...and To The Bushong Family as well.

Anonymous said...

:) You are such a beautiful person and a constant inspiration to me and many others! Still praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...


You are one of the greatest people i have ever met! You are such in inspiration! You and Danni have impacted my life in a great way. My prayers are always with you!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your postings and letter! Your daughter inspired me...before sickness, during, and she continues to through you. Danni once told me that you were her best friend. That was before she graduated, I can't imagine how much of a bestie you were to her once you had to walk through all of this. Regardless, I'm glad you found out that that was how she thought of you. I loved the times that I had with your Dannilynn and forever tell her stories and the things that made me laugh. She is so real. Maybe the most real person I ever met. I hope you enjoy her lamby slippers as much as she did. i sure thought they were cute when I got them. Crazy how God puts you through things so that you can help others go through those things. Praise God for you as the Bushongs are dealing with this same tragedy. Sure hope Danni and Kota are spicing things up up there! I can't wait to see everything we're missing!

Love, Whitney Christner

Anonymous said...

i'm sure that dakota and danni are having a blast right now. i am sure that he is keeping her very entertained. who would of known a nine year old had touched so many lives in so little time. they are in a beautiful place right now and i can't wait to see them again.