Busy, Busy, Busy...

December 16, 2008

I feel like a blank page eagerly awaiting the Master’s pen, I try to busy myself with Christmas preparation but everything seems meaningless. I feel as if I’m awake and the whole world is asleep maybe it’s because everyone is sleeping here. I’m stirred in my spirit.

An old lady came up to me in the store I was in today and asked me to tell her the way to get out of there. I wasn’t sure where she wanted to go and she seemed confused, was she all alone? What was she doing out by herself? I pointed her to the nearest exit and she muttered something as she walked away from me toward the doors to the outside.

Why do thoughts of her stir me when I should be sleeping? Was she an angel in disguise? Did I do enough for her? Why did she pick me? I had my back to her, she couldn’t see if I was good or bad, kind or cross. Did I entertain an angel unaware?

I feel the presence of God as I write. He’s upon me, what is it he wants to say? What does he want me to write?

How many times have I had encounters with people who need my help but I was too busy to pull myself away from my selfish desires? Isn’t that one of the “biggy” commands that Jesus left us with? The command to love our neighbor as ourselves is what I’m referring to.

Angel or human that lady was a divine encounter today, those are the happenings that make you wonder. They grab your attention and make you think inside. It’s like God shakes you and says, “Wake up! Get your focus off of yourself! Be ready, you never know what I will require and what moment I will require it! Be ready!”

The world seems to be on a downward spiral. Take one look at the news and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that maybe, just maybe, a higher power is trying to get our attention. There are more important things in life than our favorite TV shows, just the right clothes or foods.

What can I do? What is it that you want me to do, God? I feel so different inside, everything has changed for me. I’m so tired of the mundane do this do that that doesn’t make a hill of beans. Frivolous busy work, I’m sick to death of it. We run here and there like headless chickens trying to accomplish who knows what to live up to the expectations that someone else has put on us.

You have to mourn this way; this is what mourning looks like. You have to go to church this way and do what is expected because that’s what it looks like. You have to do, do, do because that’s what being a follower of Christ is, that’s how it’s done.

Martha ran around all concerned about the details, she couldn’t figure out why Mary wasn’t responding to her expectations! Jesus said to her in Luke 10: 41-42…”Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her.”

In all this busyness did it ever occur to us that if we would take time to sit at Jesus feet and be totally caught up with him and his word that we would have a far more peaceful and productive life?

What if just for one day we stopped the crazy busyness and defied the expectations of everyone. There is no doubt it would be a fight, we would have to radically focus on God. No time is always the excuse but all we have is time and it’s swirling down like a sink full of water with the drain plug taken out.

We are headed at breakneck speed for eternity and all we can think about is how to make ourselves acceptable to the rest of the human race all the while ignoring the Creator of the Universe who holds all of time in his hand.

Is anyone else awake? Does anyone hear me? Maybe this is just for me.

How do we live life here on earth knowing that eternity awaits us? How can the insignificant things of this world possibly hold our attention when the God of the Universe stands face to face with us?

I feel so small. I’m so foolish. Forgive me Lord.

My meeting today with the little old lady was a sign from heaven; “LOOK UP” said the sign. “There’s more to life than this, don’t let man’s expectations take from you the ONLY THING THAT’S NEEDED, THE BETTER CHOICE.

Take the seat at the feet of the one who holds eternity in his hands. He can show us how to do the will of the Father if only we will stop and take time to let him.


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Anonymous said...

Christy...thank you for continuing to write...God is blessings us all through you and your encounters as you mourn and God directs your steps and thoughts. Fla.

Annie Banannie said...

What a journey, aye? Wow. God loves us so much that He doesn't just save us from hell - He has a plan for us here on Earth, too. That was making me bonkers thankful yesterday... it just hit me *WHACK* I mean, I get the whole rest of my time here to do God's work. No matter how much or how little time that might be! What really matters is the peace I get in my head and spirit when I am doing God's will. That's as close to heaven here as we can get! And He makes that available to us HERE! And by doing His work we can pass on pieces of that love and kindness that He has placed in us... wow. God's cleared world muck from your eyes. He's doing that with all of us who seek Him... and we can't be content with these worldly ways. It's one thing to feel this way and one thing to take it to the street. To live it. You rock. Happy day, babe. All we can do is all we can do! xo
Also, I wish y'all would come back to EWC, but I'm happy that I ever got to meet you and know you and be part of God's family with you. You helped me a lot when we first started "coming to church". You probably don't even remember... but, it was just because you took the time to talk with me on the phone one day about your own experience. It's just beautiful how this all works. : )

Joetta said...

Thank you for sharing and challenging me to LOOK UP! It reminded me of Christmas 2000 - my Dad had passed away in Sept and as I was driving home from taking my sister & Mom to the airport - it just really hit me that my Dad was gone - when I got the tollbooth to pay, the lady told me that the person in front of me had paid my toll! The license plate read HVNLY. I tried to speed up to see who it was, but I just felt like God telling me that He loved me and cared enough about me to pay a little measly toll of $1 to show me that - and I'm reminded of the bigger price He paid -when He died on the cross for MY sins! I continue to need those reminders - to LOOK UP and ask God for those divine appointments instead of just "surviving". I want to live in the moment and live for HIM! Thank you so much for writing. You truly are a blessing.

Jillian said...

Are you friends with my pastor? Because there have been several times when you've reinforced what he JUST said. Last Sunday, we had the same message you shared and the same scripture. I definitely sit up and take notice! Lord, that is for me too! Thank you for sharing your heart, Christy. I continue to be encouraged and challenged by what you share here. May God continue to hold you in His loving and compassionate hands during this Christmas season. I know you must be missing Danni right now. But this Christmas while we celebrate the birth of Jesus as a baby, Danni is celebrating at the feet of our risen Savior! Some day we will celebrate it all together!

Lori Bieber said...

In Sept. my husband and I were on the highway going to visit our daughter in college about 2 hours away. Traffic was a little busy which is not unusual for our area. A big truck ran over a ladder and it popped up and hit under my engine of my car. There were no place for us to go without causing an accident. We made our way over to the side of the highway to find out that the radiator fluid was running out. there was an exit up the road in sight, so we got back in the car to get off the highway. As we moved to that exit we lost all power steering and brakes. When we got back in the car to travel to the exit there was a billboard that said "God Knows". then off at the exit there was a motel with a rolling sign that kept saying "Jesus loves you". I told my husband it was a sign that God was watching out for us. Even though I was upset that my car was badly damaged. We were safe and those around us were okay also. God does work in mysterious ways to wake us up and let us know he cares. Have a blessed holiday.

karenunter@maplenet.net said...

Thank you for writing,Christi; it has spurred me on to be back in that habit myself. Finding words to express the things in this life with which I struggle and journaling my prayers . . . God speaks to me through that. He is speaking through you to many who still check your blog. This life on earth is just a practice time for what is to come as we spend eternity in the very presence of God! Practicing at loving God with all our heart and soul and mind. Thanks for being so transparent.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I needed that today. Praise God.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your continued writings...you help me so much to see things in a little different light. You are truely a blessing!
I believe that was "YOUR ANGEL" just needing to see you if just for a minute...wanting to hear your voice. Thank Heaven above for those wonderful moments!
Amen--and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who gets to read your blog is sooo blessed. You are changing peoples' lives! God bless!

Justin said...

This was great, sis. It got me thinking about when Jesus called the fisherman brothers to follow him. The Word says that they
"dropped their nets" and followed. How many times do we get caught up in our "nets"? Those "things" or "expectations" or even "responsibilities" and miss out on following the Master?
He's enough. He's always enough, and yet more than we can take sometimes. I remember being all wound up in my "nets" my freshman year in college, and an "anonymous" angel paid my remaining tuition. It was God, waving His arms and chirping for my attention. He satisfied my need, it was just enough, and He had me. But, then it's back to the "nets." I'm so grateful for your blog, sis. I never close the tab, I just refresh it every day or so. It's getting me excited about writing again as well. Keep it up. It's a much bigger "net" you've been given to cast.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christy for that. I have been feeling overwhelmed lately and I think you wrote that for me!:) I have been worry about things that don't matter and I need to remember what I need to focus on, and that is Christ. You are the Best, God surely does speak through you. Thanks again, Love you sister!!:) Jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Christy,
I found this lesson early in life. I also teach school and I hear daily, "I can't wait," from the children. We stop all we are doing to talk about that statement. I do my best to teach being in the present, in the moment..life is so short. We need to accept what life offers. For you, life is offering grief and quietness. Embrace it and heal when you will...