A View from the Red Chair by Penny Shrock

The red chair, given as a thoughtful, loving gift for Danni, became a place of rest and comfort to those who came and went from Danni’s room. It has an inviting shape with fur upholstery that is irresistible to touch.
I believe there might be 101 and 1 positions in which you could find to sleep on that chair.
I think Danni must have found it funny just observing the old ladies, twisted and folded trying to find rest while on loving watch with Danni. More important than the rest that was found on the chair were the amazing observations from it. These are the observations of one of Danni’s admirers;

I watched, feeling helpless to offer any help to the situation.
I watched as Christy administered love and medicine-always with patience and tenderness.
I watch as Kent and Alicia came to love on Danni.
I watched as Matt, otherwise known as the McMuffin to Danni, would pray and read scripture to her.
I watched as her brothers and sisters would go about their lives but still drift in and out of the room, sweetly checking on her.
I prayed as I laid on the Chair, “God, please bring her comfort and relief”.
We laughed- ohhhh how we laughed.
I gave thanks from the chair as Danni’s sense of humor would fill the room.
Thank you God for the trip to Cedar Point. The shopping trip, the car rides all taken with Danni while we sat in the chair. Thank you God for all the sweet “Here we goes” that came from her lips. I watched as Danni had a fencing Match with Grandpa Allen, until she muttered, “no fencing in the house.” And let’s not forget the Laser eyes!! Danni would flash a little grin when she would stun a visitor with her laser eyes.
Thank you for the sight of Danni’s hand raised in the air, and her response when asked if she was okay, “yep….. I’m just dancing”.
I was blessed to rise from the chair and help lovingly to move her legs whenever they were trapped and to put her oxygen back in place.
My heart broke as I listened to her pray for God to help her.
In all of this she would continually offer “”thank you. And would worry about her family.
I learned that Danni had amazing friends, and the most wonderful neighbors.
I learned from that chair that with God’s help we can endure the seemingly impossible, that He is truly with us when we walk through the fire.
I learned that we old ladies need a lot of sleep or we get rather silly at 3 am.
I learned that grandma and grandpas have the tenderest hearts in the universe.
I learned that my faith is not diminished nor defined by what God chooses to do.
I learned that I serve an overwhelmingly huge God, beyond my understanding.
I know that for the days to come he will sweetly reveal many more views from the red chair.
Danni and Jesus, what a thanksgiving!!!! While we dined on our turkey and gravy, Danni dined with the King!!!
Thank you God for the privilege to spend time in the red chair. Thank you for your kindness to all who spent time there. Continue to bless Danni’s family, give them Grace in the days ahead. Thank you so much for the Gift of Danni. I sure loved her while she was here. I can’t wait to meet her in heaven, and have her grab my hand and with a grin say
“here we go.”

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Anonymous said...

Amazing...Everyone that came in contract with Danni and her family have come to learn that they All are AMAZING! Love and Prayers continue for the entire family! This is the most precious website! Thanks to everyone! This website helps me so much!

Anonymous said...

Danni is so beautiful! I love her Senior pics.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that chair was such fun and yet such a great emotion for everyone that sat in it. What a beautiful thing "Danni" that is. What she has taught and what I and so many have learned about life and the problems that you think you have that actually beacome so stupid and pedi. I know the people that made that made that chair with their own hands and a whole lot of love, and I know how greatful they are to have had a part in her life even if it was just a building of piece of furniture that became more then just a chair. Thank you and Danni for touching the heart of me and everyone that had a hand in the making of piece that became more then just a chair. xo

jj said...

Seester, Thanks for posting that. Come on, don't you have some more realistic pictures to post??? Hee hee. Have I said recently that you and all your friends rock? JJ